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To find the best selection, we delved into reviews and recommendations from people who have used the detectors and been successful in finding gold. We then whittled down our selection by looking at different considerations. Moe is not treasure detectors only one of our product specialists; he was also one of our first customers. DRS Electronics, GmbH is proud to have Detector Electronics Corp. represent our products. They provide exceptional support and service to our customers.

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See also the soon to be re-released Garrett Goldmaster 24K below. WARNING ON COUNTERFEIT DETECTORS – The market for nugget detectors far outsells coin and relic detectors worldwide, with huge sales in third world countries. This has made many of the models below very popular with counterfeiters. All legitimate dealers have a limit on how low they can advertise, the Minimum Advertised Price . Legitimate dealers are prohibited from advertising at those kind of prices, and a price too good to be true is your number one warning you are about to be ripped off.

The basic principle of operation for the common industrial metal detector is based on a 3 coil design. This design utilizes an AM transmitting coil and two receiving coils one on either side of the transmitter. The design and physical configuration of the receiving coils are instrumental in the ability to detect very small metal contaminates of 1 mm or smaller.

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Additionally, the unit does a decent job of searching through mineralized soil. It’s not perfect, but the metal detector does look past conductive salt and metals. While there’s no shortage of metal detectors on the market, not every piece of equipment is capable of recognizing the precious metal. If I can offer one final word of advice, it would be to pay particular attention to what experienced nugget hunters are using in any particular region. Do not assume you are going to outsmart them and find some model they have not already tried and set aside as less than optimum.

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The Garrett AT Max is our most versatile, all-terrain metal detector. An advanced VLF metal detector, it has increased detection depth, built-in wireless technology to… Read More. Get ready to find gold nuggets with this high-frequency induction-balance gold detector from Garrett.