Gold And Metal Long Range Detectors

The fact that every metal has a different phase response when exposed to alternating current allowed detectors to differentiate between metals. Longer waves penetrate the ground deeper and select for high conductivity targets like silver and copper, while shorter waves select for low conductivity targets like iron. Unfortunately, ground mineralization interference affects high frequency as well. This selectivity or discrimination allowed the development of detectors that could only detect desirable metals.

gold detectors

Their entire staffs knowledge of our product helps to ensure the customer gets the right detector for their needs regardless of what they might be. We look forward to our future relationship and continued success of and their entire staff. White’s Electronics is looking forward to working with Michael, Daniel and the team. Their experience in the metal detecting industry is unmatched. Select your program and start searching for Coins, Jewelry, and Relics.

Teknetics G2 Gold Metal Detector

Fisher Labs, the world’s oldest metal detector company, uses cutting-edge technologies to create some of the industry’s most reliable devices. The invention of a tunable induction device was the most significant technological advancement in detectors. Two electro-magnetically tuned coils were used in this method. One coil serves as an RF transmitter, while the other serves as a receiver; in some situations, these coils may be tuned to frequencies ranging from 3 to 100 kHz. The future of metal detectors is anyone’s guess, given the large number of professional and amateur players involved, as well as the rapid speed of technical progress in general.

Thus, you can search through highly mineralized soil and still find gold. With its high operating frequency of 19 kHz, the metal detector is much higher than the average unit. Thus, it’s well-suited for finding even the tiniest gold nuggets. While it’s marketed to those seeking gold, this unit is perfectly capable of finding any type of metal.

【Length-Adjustable 44” to 54” / Coins Depth Indication 2”,4”,6”,10”】The Nalanda detector is detachable and length-adjustable, suitable for adults and also children. Earphone included in the Package can help to find target metal easily. 18kHz high-sensitivity treasure detectors also make our detector grade up the depth indication to 10”. 5 Sensitivity Levels to have a deeper indication(2〞,4〞,6〞, 8〞and 10+) of target metal. The digital control box will give you all the information you’ll need when out in the field.

Minelab Gold Detectors

Minelab is one of the leading companies in metal detection and has a few models made for gold detection on the market. The Gold Bug 2 offers extraordinary sensitivity; at 71 kHz it features a very high operating frequency. The Gold Bug 2 also features iron discrimination, is dust and moisture resistant, has audio-boost, and can operate in any type of soil with the choice of three mineralization modes. High sensitivity to detect small gold nuggets and also larger treasures, this Teknetics G2 Gold machine has become the tool of choice. Mineralized soils and ocean detecting up to 10ft are easy targets for this Pulse Induction metal detector from Garrett.