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It’s powerful, lightweight, and collapsible, and it syncs to your smartphone with an app that can help you ID your finds. Because the search coil is waterproof, kids can get used to digging in loose sand on the beach before moving on to more difficult terrain. Chambers, Kropiwiec, and Streeter are all fans of the Minelab Equinox 800. Streeter describes the interface as intuitive and says it can detect deeper and has more options than the Garrett Ace and the Minelab Vanquish. It uses Minelab’s multifrequency technology for supersensitive detection and lets you choose from four detecting modes .

Serious Metal Detecting also offers videos, books, and DVDs for the best experience in prospecting. Shop for metal detecting batteries, carrying bags, arm rests, headphones and carefully selected start-up kits. You can also shop online for metal detecting parts & accessories, and the top manufactures such as Garrett and Minelab. Other gold detectors include Minelab EQUINOX 800, Garrett ACE and Minelab EQUINOX 600 metal detectors which in-stock and ship the same day.

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So I looked for local enthusiasts and discovered the Atlantic Treasure Club, “Long Island’s oldest metal detecting club.” We got in touch, and soon after I booked train tickets to join the club’s next meeting. For every story like the one about the guy who found an Anglo-Saxon hoard important enough to rewrite history, there are thousands of folks who spend years finding nothing but bottle caps. The actual process of treasure hunting is, quite frankly, time-consuming, monotonous, and rarely rewarded with truly special or valuable finds. But before you lay out the cash it takes to get started, you’ll want to know whether treasure hunting is right for you. As metal detectors and accessories are received, our team packages and labels each item. White’s Electronics is looking forward to working with Michael, Daniel and the team.

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Beyond a certain depth, the object’s field is so weak at the surface that it is undetectable by the receiver coil. The receiver coil is completely shielded from the magnetic field generated by the transmitter coil. However, it is not shielded from magnetic fields coming from objects in the ground. Therefore, when the receiver coil passes over an object giving off a magnetic field, a small electric current travels through the coil. This current oscillates at the same frequency as the object’s magnetic field. The coil amplifies the frequency and sends it to the control box of the metal detector, where sensors analyze the signal.

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Everyone on our staff is not only very skilled at treasure hunting and knowledgeable about all the latest techniques and technology, but they are great people you will love talking with. Keeping the above pointers in mind, we found that the Garrett – Ace 250 had the best ergonomics. The LCD display on this unit was easy to read and had the most buttons, options, and customization of all the units.

Any spare micro-USB cable will do the job, but it would be easy for Nokta to provide one. And it provides lots of tips not only on how to use the various settings but why and when to use them. But as you become more familiar with the machine, and as you gain experience, all that detail will help you get the very most out of the Nokta. The Garrett Ace 300’s manual is considerably more basic; you’ll need to learn a lot of its tricks on your own. Both machines can be used with headphones, and these make it easier to hear the beeps and whines that indicate a discovery—especially at the beach, where the noise of the waves can drown out quiet signals. Alan and Sandy prefer wired headsets for their reliability; the Simplex+ comes with an adapter cable for that purpose, or it can be used with wireless headphones .