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Based on the frequency setting and sensitivity adjustments, we’re willing to bet that this metal detector is more than capable of finding gold. With its high operating frequency of 19 kHz, the metal detector is much higher than the average unit. Thus, it’s well-suited for finding even the tiniest gold nuggets.

The first metal detector, designed by Alexander Graham Bell, proved to be a practical metal detector, and it served as the prototype for all subsequent metal detectors. First Texas relocated the firm to El Paso, Texas, where it continues the Fisher tradition of scientific breakthroughs redefining the state of the art of metal detection. Fisher’s vast range of brands, which have the finest ergonomics, most streamlined user interfaces, and innovative ground balance and objective separation capabilities, are the result. Since the beginning of the invention of the metal detector and its commercial sale, many manufacturers of metal detectors were established during the twentieth century in the United States of America.

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That’s a significant decrease compared to the score of silver, which is 100. Most entry-level metal detectors simply aren’t capable of producing a magnetic field that’s powerful enough to cause treasure detectors a reaction from gold. When you hover the machine over a piece of metal, that hidden treasure will produce eddy currents. The magnetic field from the detector causes the metal to come to life.

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That’s nearly three times as high as the previous metal detector we recommended. With the high-frequency setting, the metal detector can spot smaller nuggets without missing a beat. It’s a flexible piece of equipment that’s more than ready to help you find precious metals.

The Nokta Makro FORS Gold+ Metal Detector boasts advanced gold prospecting, 2 modes for harsh ground conditions, and waterproof coils. The Garrett ATX Pro DeepSeeker Package is complete with a military grade hard case and two open search coils. Mineralized soils and ocean detecting up to 10ft are perfect for this Pulse Induction metal detector. Take your prospecting to a new level with the Fisher Gold Bug 2 detector. Chambers, Kropiwiec, and Streeter are all fans of the Minelab Equinox 800. Streeter describes the interface as intuitive and says it can detect deeper and has more options than the Garrett Ace and the Minelab Vanquish.

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It uses Minelab’s multifrequency technology for supersensitive detection and lets you choose from four detecting modes . It has a battery life of up to 12 hours, is waterproof up to ten feet, and, depending on which package you buy, can also come with wireless headphones and a pinpointer to help you find your target close up and through mud. In an almost unbelievable coincidence, a similar Viking hoard was found in October, 2015, just four months after Davies and Powell made their discovery in Leominster. A detectorist named James Mather was scanning a field in Watlington, in Oxfordshire, when he came across what turned out to be hundreds of coins, and also ingots and jewelry.