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The design and physical configuration of the receiving coils are instrumental in the ability to detect very small metal contaminates of 1 mm or smaller. Today modern metal detectors continue to utilize this configuration for the detection of tramp metal. When it comes to finding gold, the metal detector does a great job across the board.

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Unfortunately, mineralized soil and metal detectors don’t mix too well. High metal content can cause a VLF detector to go off metal detectors every few seconds. If you want to find the gold, you’re going to need a high-frequency unit with a mineralization filter.

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State of the art metal detectors have further incorporated extensive wireless technologies for the earphones, connect to Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices. Some also utilize built in GPS locator technology to keep track of searching location and the location of items found. Some connect to smartphone applications to further extend functionality. Many manufacturers of these new devices brought their own ideas to the market.

In some situations, the user may have to lower the device’s sensitivity level for it to work effectively. The level might have to be adjusted, for example, if the search area is high in mineral content or is near power lines. Having a detector with excellent discrimination saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to stop to dig up a target, only to find out it’s trash. Instead, the detector will only sound an alert when it finds an object that meets the selected criteria. For some relic hunters, metal detector discrimination may not be necessary. They prefer to locate everything and sort through it themselves, and not let a piece of equipment decide what’s trash and what’s treasure.

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Those currents are then picked up by another coil in the detector to alert you of a potential find below the soil. Since 1931, Fisher has been the most trusted name in metal detection. Whether you are locating buried utilities, in need of security walk through metal detectors or want to find long buried treasures, Fisher technology will find it fast.

They are also sometimes referred to as beat-frequency oscillator metal detectors. These units are affordable and readily available at most hobby stores. Now that we have covered the basics let’s dive a bit deeper into what makes a good metal detector for gold. Thus, the features you can take advantage of vary across the board. To ensure that your new metal detector is capable of identifying gold, here are some things to keep in mind. While it does conduct some electricity, it’s not as efficient as other metals.