The main caveat is that the detector is optimized for small gold with the hardwired coil and so other ground balancing PI detectors are a better option for large nuggets at depth. It is also nearly twice the price of the Garrett ATX above and so you are paying quite a premium for a little better performance on small gold. Still, for novices in hot ground that can afford the price, the SDC 2300 is almost impossible to beat for the price, if the goal is just to go find some gold, any gold at all. If the budget allows, however, I would pass and go to the new GPX 6000 below, which offers even better performance, while retaining the SDC ease of operation.

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It is the only machine in it’s class that can run a large (15″ x 13.5″ DD) high frequency coil and as well as having a concentric coil option. Best of all it offers a full range of discrimination features not seen in other high frequency nugget detectors, all at a very aggressive price. Worth a very close look, especially if a large coil option is important. The GPZ 7000 is Minelab’s latest offering, and it is proving to be a whole new level of metal detecting technology. You need to narrow down which brand and model fits your needs and budget.

While they all work similarly, the technology used to power these devices can vary. While it does conduct some electricity, it’s not as efficient as other metals. That’s a significant decrease metal detectors compared to the score of silver, which is 100. Most entry-level metal detectors simply aren’t capable of producing a magnetic field that’s powerful enough to cause a reaction from gold.

Hopefully this sheds a bit of light on metal detecting for gold and gives you a better idea of what metal detector will suit your needs the best. Of course as with anything in life, there is never 100% consensus, but I can say that these are some specific detector models that will suit you very well. Of course it’s no surprise that the high quality Pulse Induction metal detectors are considered by most to be the best on the market when it comes to finding gold.

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A second consideration is that the cost of most new VLF detectors are well under $1000, and sometimes you can even pick up a good used unit for a few hundred dollars. A third benefit of a VLF over most PI detectors is weight, which is a big consideration for many detectorists. The heavy weight of a detector can really make detecting unpleasant for someone who is a bit older, or perhaps has a shoulder injury. Even physically fit young guys complain about the weight after lugging around a heavy metal detector all day! VLF detectors are usually much lighter and can be swung all day with very little fatigue. Before discussing the various types of gold detectors on the market, let’s first evaluate the main challenges that a gold hunter will have to deal with.

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You can buy the AT Gold as part of a bundle package and get some very good deals with lots of other gear and supplies if you are a new prospector just getting started. Back in the late 2000s there was a real increased interest in gold prospecting with the quick rise of gold prices. Several companies capitalized on this, and Garrett was no exception. White’s make high quality detectors, and the GMT is certainly a popular one. There is a loyal following of nugget shooters who even prefer the GMT to the Gold Bug 2.