Gold And Treasure Detectors

In fact, it is really closing the gap between VLF and PI detectors for finding those tiny bits of gold. I know several prospectors that are using the SDC 2300 in dry washes in Arizona and cleaning out the bedrock cracks with this detector. One downside of the Gold Bug 2 is that its high sensitivity also makes it very sensitive to highly mineralized ground and hot rocks. There are occasions when it won’t operate will in some of the hottest ground.

The Minelab SDC 2300 Gold is a compact, high-performance, submersible Metal Detector with an 8″ mono coil for deep searches.

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Gold nuggets have a tendency to exist in areas that have extremely high amounts of minerals in the ground, most notably iron. This will give off a signal to a metal detector and can be a major headache. When it comes to finding gold, the metal detector does a great job across the board.

Scan Procedure

Some areas have a few hot rocks and some areas have so many that they can be difficult for even the most experienced detectorist to operate in. So if you’re hunting on bedrock in an area with small nuggets and ground that is not highly mineralized, the Gold Bug 2 is theclear choice. Again there is an inverse relationship where larger coils metal detectors get bigger targets at greater depths, and smaller coils get smaller targets at shallow depths. You want a specialty machine built just for gold nugget hunting. For other types of detectors, see our complete guide to the best metal detectors. The first thing you have to decide is what kind of metal detector you want to invest in.


The biggest challenge is to find a way to cancel out the sound that the ground makes without covering up the potential sound of a gold nugget. This seems simple, but most metal detectors for sale on the market do not perform this function well. The average detector is designed for coin and relic hunting, not gold prospecting.

The answer to that is quick and pretty obvious, gold detectors are much more expensive than VLF or entry detectors. I don’t really want to talk some specific prices because they vary a lot depending on the country, the retailer and the ongoing season. Ground balancing is the most important adjustment on any detector! But it is even more critical where searching for gold, because it is found in highly mineralized soils.