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There are five additional custom mode slots so you can further customize your search preferences. The CTX 3030’s LCD display provides a wealth of background information on your search, such as item depth, conductivity, and iron content. The dream of finding buried treasure is compelling, but the reality of metal detecting is that you mostly find trash—and you spend a lot of time doing it.

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Today modern metal detectors continue to utilize this configuration for the detection of tramp metal. Some metal detectors are made specifically for certain types of metal, like gold metal detectors for example. If you’re hunting for gold, get a metal detector designed for gold to improve your success!

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From our tests, we found that the Garrett – Ace 250 was best at locating gold, while the Bounty Hunter – Tracker IV, Bounty Hunter – Gold Digger, and Treasure Cove – TC-3020 all tied for a close second place. Next, we wanted to test the discrimination ability of each of the metal detectors — that is, we wanted to test how well each detector can filter out metallic trash while still being able to locate coins, relics, and gold. For the general detection test, we scattered 12 different objects on top of the sand, separated from one another by several feet. Here, we wanted to test the ability of each detector to find all types of metal. In total, we used one yellow-gold ring, two white-gold rings, a silver bracelet relic, a silver belt buckle relic, a silver pocket watch relic, three one-dollar coins, and three quarters.

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Not by the amount, but by the fact that on its maiden voyage it detected a coin. We can’t wait to take it to a popular beach and I will practice more with the settings. Just wanted to thank all involved in a recent shipment to me that was a gift for my grandkids. After calling your company you bent over backwards to gold detectors get the second detector to me on time for giving to my grandchildren. I explained that we exchange gifts a week early so my children and their families can be in their homes Christmas morning since some travel distances are involved. The second detector arrived last Friday in time for our celebration last Saturday.

The process of finding or detection of mines done by a special designed metal detector exclusively developed to detect mines and bombs. The first metal detector, designed by Alexander Graham Bell, proved to be a practical metal detector, and it served as the prototype for all subsequent metal detectors. Fisher Research Labs was built in Fisher’s garage in Palo Alto, California, in 1931. He and four coworkers created the “Metallascope,” a tough, user-friendly metal detector. It was an ungainly unit, with two wide, flat wooden boxes containing basic copper coils, five vacuum tubes, and a few assorted parts, by today’s standards of lightweight handheld detectors. The Metallascope quickly captured the nation’s and, within a brief period, the world’s imagination.