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Brad Martin of Green Mountain Metal Detecting has a YouTube channel highlighting some of his best finds, including some Spanish gold in the mountains of Vermont. Someone searching for gold jewelry on a saltwater beach should choose a different machine than someone searching for old coins in a park. They also suggested other gear you’ll need to get your treasure out of the dirt and home safely. All metal detectors can find gold if it’s within the device’s prescribed depth range and the pieces of gold are big enough for the detector to find. A gold metal detector is a specialized device designed specifically for finding gold. These kinds of metals have less of an electromagnetic signature for the detector’s magnetic field to pick up.

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That’s nearly three times as high as the previous metal detector we recommended. With the high-frequency setting, the metal detector can spot smaller nuggets without missing a beat. It’s a flexible piece of equipment that’s more than ready to help you find precious metals.

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The type of metal detector you choose will depend mainly on what type of loot you are searching for and where you will be looking for it. There are generally three types of metal detectors for different purposes—land-based coin and relic hunting, beach and underwater detecting, and prospecting for gold. Prospecting for gold with a metal detector is one of the most exciting and profitable hobbies today. There is absolutely nothing more exciting than digging up some of the shiny metal everyone knows and loves. Here at Kellyco, we offer a huge selection of metal detectors capable of picking up the smallest gold nuggets.

A more streamlined, basic model will often be easier to use and likely the better choice for a beginner. Three years ago, more than a thousand people in the Watlington area attended local events in which Ashmolean curators talked about the hoard. “That is the side that the public has really missed out on in Leominster,” Naylor said. The county museum in Hereford still hopes to acquire the Leominster hoard, but any display of it will inevitably be colored by the botched circumstances of its only partial recovery. Its main allure may be as a cautionary tale—of a heist gone awry. While the RM RICOMAX Professional Metal Detector has a discrimination mode, relic hunters will especially appreciate its all-metal and pinpoint modes.

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The metal detector has a maximum search depth of 8.7 inches and it has three operating modes, including all-metal, notch, and discrimination mode. All-metal mode will detect all metals in the area including iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, and silver, without filtering at all. Notch mode allows the user to ignore undesirable treasure detectors metals so you can focus on your intended targets. Discrimination mode lets you choose the type of metal object you want the detector to detect and ignore all other metals. This metal detector also has a manual ground balance adjustment function, so you can decide what is included in your search and what is not.

The teenage sketch comedian Parker James is wielding one before his six million TikTok followers. In England, Carey Mulligan is making it mainstream; on Nantucket, millennials are making it fashion; and in the gaming industry, a romantic thriller-meets-metal detecting video game will be released this summer. As an old outdoor hobby draws new followers, metal detectors are sweeping the country. No other details of the raids were offered, and the Durham Constabulary recently declined to comment on whether its find is connected to the Leominster cache. But several people with knowledge of the case told me that the coins are, indeed, believed to be part of the hoard—though likely just a fraction of it. The trial, which lasted for two months, offered the jury and others present in the courtroom an extended seminar in numismatics and in Viking history.